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Human Centered and Designed AI

Inspired Solutions for Today

Imagine a single drone software platform designed for ultimate flexibility, speed to action, safe operations and ease of use. Whether its emergency response teams reacting to an urgent situation with multi-unmanned vehicle support or a military unit requiring a swarm of drones to be immediately airborne for ISR gathering, Drone Response offers a next-gen, AI command and control solution presented in a Common Operational Picture (COP) capability for orchestrating universal missions of purpose. Intentionally designed with safety and human-machine interaction at its core, Drone Response delivers on speed to action, purposeful outcomes, data ingenuity and reduced human risk.

This is pioneering work. We aspire to lead the Drone 2.0 evolution and emergence. Formed with academic research grants fueled by NASA, IARPA and NSF our researchers and design engineers have developed and experimented to forge real world innovation. Our team of technologists and solution experts are dedicated to deployments that make a difference. Together, we partner with customers, sUAS manufacturers. global partners and other ecosystem solution providers to advance the state of the art in the Advanced Aerial Mobility space.

Our current and future solutions are at the forefront of Web3 technologies incorporating artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, cyber secure interoperability, meta simulation, intelligent sensing, advanced computer vision, predictive analytics and block chain communications building technology trust all while humans maintain full control.

Our market attention is expressly focused in emergency response-public safety, military defense applications, the energy and utility sectors and planet solutions -meaningful initiatives involving the climate, forests, oceans, rivers, arctic, mountains, deserts and farmland. Summarized, we exist as a people first technology company on a mission of unmanned systems for good.

How Drone Response Empowers Response Teams

Quicker Deployment
Time is always of the essence when it comes to emergency situations. Minutes and even seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Drone Responses is a powerhouse of drone AI software solutions that drastically reduce the amount of time it takes response teams to get drones up and running effectively within the guidelines of their mission. This agility, flexibility, and speed make for more successful and safer mission tasking overall. This quicker deployment advantage is augmented when you consider that Drone Response allows teams to launch multiple drones at once.
Fewer Operators

Emergency response teams often have to operate lean, with limited manpower and budget, making it difficult to respond to emergency situations as quickly and efficiently as they would like. Drone Response is an effective way for teams to improve their response without the need for additional resources by freeing up more responders. Instead of requiring a pilot for each drone, Drone Response makes it possible for a single operator to quickly launch and accurately control multiple drones at a single time, freeing up the rest of the team to perform other key duties. This is all achieved while remaining compliant with standard FAA regulations.

Improved Decision-Making
A highly-effective emergency response strategy is all about collecting as much information as possible and making appropriate decisions based on that information. Drones are so desirable because of their unique ability to capture visual, temperature, and other key data in record time without risking any team members while saving valuable time. Drone Response significantly improves the data-gathering capabilities of emergency response teams by making it easier to deploy an entire team of organized, communicating, and controllable drones. This results in a drastic increase and improved accuracy of information which leads to better decision-making so teams can move forward smoothly and accurately.
FAA Compliance

There’s nothing beneficial about advanced and cutting-edge drone technology that isn’t FAA compliant as emergency response teams are bound by these rules just as any other operator. That’s why Drone Response has been on a mission to provide emergency response teams with FAA compliant technology that enhance speed, efficiency, and key insights needed to pull off successful, streamlined, and timely reductions to emergency situations. We have already obtained waivers to test and use drones in one-to-many applications and autonomous modes. Drone Response provides many societal good applications which may help gain regulatory preference over others.

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We’re now ready to deploy our MVP platform to work with pilot customers in emergency services and public safety teams on proof of concept solutions to improve their response time, speed up their data gathering, and enhance safety at the same time.

We’d be honored to begin working with you.